Acroyoga Multilevel Workshop

Pop's and Flying Whales

  • Date: 19 Sep. 2020
  • Spots left : 16
Full WorkshopCHF 60.-
2 Persons - WorkshopCHF 100.-
  • Location : Turnhalle im Schulhaus Herold
  • Address : Ringstrasse 50, 7000 Chur
  • Class: 16:00 - 19:00
  • Door Open: 15:30 - 20:00


The content of this Acroyoga Workshop is to get an understanding of and feeling for acroyoga pops. With progressions and safe spotting techniques pops become accessible for every level!

We will be starting at the beginning with some essential calibrations and move into some fun pops. There are many varaitons and different acro pops to learn. We build it up solid and bring it also together to a washing machine. Join and learn the technique of acro pops and how to connect them into a fluent, fun flow.

What is an acroyoga pop?
A pop is a dynamic transition between poses where the flyer temporarily levitates above the base. Pops bring a new level of enjoyment, sensitivity, freedom and fun to any situation!


Star and Bat (safe and stable)
Revers Bird
Inside Star Mount and Tick-Tock