Acroyoga Intermediate I Workshop

Intro to dynamic Acro Movements - Whips, Pops and Whipops!

  • Date: 13 Apr. 2022
  • Spots left : 16
Full WorkshopCHF 60.-
2 Persons - WorkshopCHF 100.-
  • Location : TBZ Hall 9th Floor
  • Address : Sihlquai 101, 8005 Zürich
  • Class: 18:30 - 21:30
  • Door Open: 18:30 - 21:30


The content of this 3-hour Acroyoga Workshop is to get an understanding of and feeling for acroyoga pops and whips. With progressions and safe spotting techniques pops and whips become accessible for every level!

They will start at the beginning with some essential calibrationsand move into some fun whips and pops. There are many varaitons and super fun to learn. They build it up solid and bring it also together to some whipops. Join Fadri and Leona in this Wednesday Evening-Workshop and learn the technique. It will be a fun and intense evening with lots of new material.

What is an Acroyoga Pop and Whip? It is a dynamic transition between poses where the flyer temporarily levitates above the base. Pops and Whips bring a new level of enjoyment, sensitivity, freedom and fun to any situation!


Star and Bat (safe and stable) Revers Bird Inside Star Mount and Tick-Tock



Have fun with dynamic flying and get completely out of your comfort zone.