Thai Full Day WS April
Thai Massage Multilevel Workshop

Full Day Thai Massage Workshop

  • Date: 22 Apr. 2023
  • Spots left : 16
  • Location : Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo, Tanzdach
  • Address : Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zürich
  • Class: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Door Open: 08:30 - 17:30


In this 6 hour workshop we will take you on a journey through the body and the energy system. The aim is to activate the body's natural circulation and self-healing powers and to bring them back into balance. We will focus on elements such as rocking, joint mobilisation, passive stretching and other valuable massage techniques. This workshop offers you a holistic combination of movement, touch and an inward listening, while giving and getting 6 hours of massage. You will take home some profound insights and a good feeling of what bodywork could mean to you.

About the Teacher:

Gabe who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of medical massage will be sharing his approach towards Thai Massage with you. For him massage is much more than muscle relaxation. Mindful touch connects us back to our roots and will release emotional, mental and energetical stress and stagnation. We are all living in a busy world so let's connect, breathe, touch and explore together what kind of magic your body has in store for you.

Learn About:

- Massage Techniques where we use our hands and feet
- Positions in which you can give and receive a sustainable & nourishing massage
- Unique access points to target specific muscle groups and organs
- How to move another body in a simple yet profound way
- Philosophy of Thai Massage as well as anatomy and physiology

Bring to the class:

- Comfortable clothes
- A blanket
- A bottle of water
- A smile


This workshop has no prerequisites, although we appreciate if you come with some readiness to explore the human body and different forms of mindful movement.




Gabe is an Acrobatics & Yoga instructor, as well as Massage Therapist with more than 15 years of experience. Originally from Austria, Gabe loves to spend his time traveling, learning about other cultures and eating foreign food. With a heart full of humor he is facilitating a wide variety of trainings in Europe. Gabe is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the opportunity to welcome and embrace people from all walks of life.

Gabriel is an Acrobatics and Yoga instructor, as well as Massage Therapist with more than 15 years of experience. Originally from Austria, Gabriel loves to spend his time traveling  and learning about other cultures. With a heart full of humor and arms so long he once managed to hug 5 people at once,  he facilitates wide variety of trainings in Europe and South East Asia.