Partner Acrobatics Advanced Workshop

SOLD OUT - Advanced Icarians with Alfonso and Sanna

  • Date: 26 Jun. - 27 Jun. 2021
  • Spots left : 26
Single Day - Weekend WorkshopCHF 80.-
  • Location : Zirkus Quartier
  • Address : Flurstrasse, 8047 Zürich
  • Class: 09:30 - 18:00
  • Door Open: 09:30 - 18:00


This two friends - Alfonso Sabaidee and Sanna Anderson - are two of the most talented and experienced icarian teachers in Europe, have prepared an amazing weekend full of their best icarian tricks and ideas.

Zürich will be one of the few cities in their European Tour '21 receiving this Intermediate/Advanced material (please check the prerequisites). This is definitely an exceptional opportunity to bring your icarian practice to the next level.

Program / What can you expect to find in this two days workshop?

  • Quick review of the basics: cleaning up your tempos/straight throws and discovering new variations will allow you to get your maximum height and accuracy. Challenging Icarians will become much easier afterwards.
  • Linking pops: one of the most exciting practices while training icarian that requires precision and focus. Learn how to link the pops you know, not only the easy ones ;)
  • Big Throws: as a base you will use your whole body to throw and catch pops where the flyer will learn to rotate in all directions. Fun and adrenaline are guaranteed here. Expect tricks at the level of “Cast Away”, “Martini”, “Front Saltos” “Pirouette” and go on.
  • Icarian Foot Juggling: one of the most challenging practices, especially for bases, where you mostly use the power and ability of your legs. “180º & 360º pops”, “Varial Flip” or “Icarian Back Whip” are some of these tricks.
  • Combining Standing Acro with Icarian: you will be surprised of some of the creations from these teachers where they combine both partner acrobatics disciplines. People with different levels of experience in standing acro will find it equally exiting.
  • Spotting skills: to know how to spot properly all the tricks will give you a better understanding of the technique and it will make the practice completely safe for everyone involved.
  • Physical conditioning and recovery drills for Icarian. You will enjoy this full program (12 hours training) wrapped in a safe and fun environment where the teachers will bring their technical, challenging and helpful approach to this fascinating discipline.

Please note:Subject to Change.Corona measures may involve short-term adjustments to time, date and place.


In order to get the best from this experience we expect from you to have some experience doing Icarian and to feel comfortable doing:

  • Tempos/straight throws on front plank
  • Tempos/straight throws on throne
  • Icarian pop from throne to front plank
  • Icarian pop from Reverse star to Throne