Partner Acrobatics Intermediate II Workshop

Acrobatic Intensive - Whipops & Icarians with German & Jose

  • Date: 12 Jul. - 14 Jul. 2024
  • Spots left : 30
Single Day WorkshopCHF 110.-
Full Weekend WorkshopCHF 220.-
  • Location : Sporthalle Sihlfeld A
  • Address : Sihlfeldstr. 165, 8004 Zürich
  • Door Open: 20:00 - 17:30


German and Jose are coming to Zürich!

It's an intensive workshop for advanced and intermediate Icarian and Whips lovers ❤️

💥 They  share training methods that will take your practice to the next level.
💥 New tricks, but also space to work on tricks your now working on.
💥 Show different creative variations of advanced and intermediate tricks to spice up your repertoire!
💥 Learn universal technical tools for acrobatics.

There will be a jam session on Friday for everyone to get to know each other.

Participation is not mandatory but highly recommended. ❤️

Warm-ups are oriented towards elements of the Workshop:

  • Icarian warm-ups
  • How to throw higher
  • How to use your arms as a flyer
  • How to handle a fall
  • Forward rotations
  • Hand spring variations, cascades, front straddle

Whipops Module:

  • Warm-up for whipops
  • Fundamentals of Mortalito
  • Progressions to cascades
  • Different versions and levels of cascades

Icarian Module:

  • Icarian warm-up
  • Progressions to Arabian
  • Front Tuck variations
  • Foot to Foot viariations
  • How to protect the trick without a safety net


  • Cascades to whips
  • Whipops Fish or Turns
  • Whip icarians (linking whipop with Icarians)

About: German and Jose.

German and Jose are not only recognized for their level of skill but also for their creativity in the investigation of whips and icarian techniques, making them a source of inspiration in the acrobatic community. They have been teaching classes, retreats, and workshops together since 2016 and have quickly become nationally and internationally recognized teachers in their field. Their commitment and innovative approach to the practice have led them to specialize in the solar/acrobatic part of their discipline.

German is also a yoga teacher and lover of duo and troupe movement.
Jose is passionate about the circus and has been studying movements related to this field since 2009.


A sequence of pops that connects at least 3 postures. Confortable in basic whip tempos.