Flexibility Multilevel Cycle

Flexibility & Mobility

  • Date: 06 Jun. - 27 Jun. 2023
  • Spots left : 16
Student Cycle AboCHF 70.-
Cycle AboCHF 90.-
Drop inCHF 25.-
  • Tuesday Class
  • Location : TBZ Gym 5th Floor
  • Address : Sihlquai 101, 8005 Zürich
  • Class: 20:20 - 21:20
  • Door Open: 20:00 - 21:30


This class is all about flexibility and mobility training. We learn how to warm-up for a flexibility class, a correct alignment of positions, which muscles have to activate in the movements/positions to protect yourself, how to differentiate & release muscle and nerve tension and more.

A good flexibility and mobility increases your muscle function, decreases risk of injuries and relieves tension, moving will feel more smoothly in your training as well as daily live. Flexibility training is a good complementary for almost every sport as well as office life.

Naomi has a broad education in sports and circus. She studied sports science at the University of Basel, completed courses at the Swiss Academy of Fitness&Sports (SAFS) and until recently was at the circus school École nationale de cirque in Canada. For a while her focus was on flexibility and she expanded her knowledge in training with coaches worldwide. She is constantly educating herself and loves to share this knowledge and her energy in leading trainings.


No specific flexibility / mobility experience required.