Partner Acrobatics Advanced Cycle

Dynamic Foot to Hand Drills 2

  • Date: 04 Feb. - 04 Mar. 2020
  • Exceptions:
  • · NO CLASSES: Sun. 21.6.2020 / Tue. 23.6.2020 If you have a Abo, you will get a "recovery card" to join an other time the missed class.
  • Spots left : 12
Student Cycle AboCHF 70.-
Cycle AboCHF 90.-
Drop inCHF 25.-
  • Wednesday Class
  • Location : Quartierzentrum Schütze Flex 4
  • Address : Heinrichstrasse 238, 8005 Zürich
  • Class: 18:15 - 19:45
  • Door Open: 18:00 - 20:00


Acrobats come in all and various flavors. There are the icarian yonkies, the "no hand to hand ? is it even acro?", the "got to catch all the WM", tuttifruttis, the promiscuous (acrobatically talking ;-) ), the duos, trios ... you name it.

From whichever of this flavors you come from, there are just this bunch of "basic advanced" needed to clean up. Those, and a good warm up, are the first 45 min of our advanced class. What comes next depends on you and your partners goals (and the extend of our acro knowledge). You can expect:

· a bunch of drills to get your crazy tricks
· some inspirational suggested tricks
· one or two candys to manage frustrations <3


Prerequisites of Intermediate II
Whips - Expresso shot
Icarian - Straight Thrown in Throne and Bird
Standing - Extended Foot to Hand (free - no spotter needed)
Standing - 2 Man High (no walking and free - no spotter needed)
Standing - Bird or Side Star and Foot to Hand (Can have spotter and any entrance)