Handstand Introduction Cycle

Acro Games and Basic Handstand

  • Date: 11 Nov. - 02 Dec. 2020
  • Spots left : 14
  • Wednesday Class
  • Location : Sporthalle Sihlfeld A
  • Address : Sihlfeldstr. 165, 8004 Zürich
  • Class: 20:00 - 21:30
  • Door Open: 20:00 - 22:00


These class is designed to have a great preparation for your acroyoga practice.  Fadri will challenge you in different solo acro pose, mobility exercise and also fun games. What acro games mean, you will find out in the class! :D

Further more there will be a focus in inversions. If you want to achieve your first handstand or improve your inversion practice, this class is a great chance. You will gain body awareness and habits for your inversion practice. Working on headstand variations, forearm balances and further to your freestanding handstand.

What are the benefits to learn an Handstand?
-It is fun and and builds up your self-confidence. Plain and simple.
-It helps your acroyoga practice
-Your shoulders, wrists, back and core will get stronger
-Your reflexes will improve, even your ability to fall without injuring yourself
-You will learn how to move your spine in a way you didn't realize it could
-Challenging your mind with complex movement is a good secret to a healthy life

Corona guidelines
-No physical contact
-4 square meters per participant
-Max. 15 person in this hall (incl. teacher)
-Teacher and student wear a mask if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.


None, we'll build Handstands from scratch.